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Flaunt your flowing mane with hair extensions New York – 19. April, 2009

Trying to look good is something that we all try to do. Therefore, we generally have the tendency of trying out new styles, be it hairstyles or trying out new dress codes. Therefore, it is natural that we tend to get bored with the same kind of repetitive style that we follow. After all whatever we do in life seem to be a repetitive thing and we manage to do it everyday without even liking. However, the best part is that we can actually experiment (more…)

Helping Women Cope With Hair Loss – 2. April, 2009

We live in a time however when there are simply too many options for a woman to feel that her life is over simply because of hair loss. There is no reason that this event has to be so completely life changing for her.
Carefully review your options and choose the treatment method that served you best emotionally and physically. I want you to take a deep breath now and keep an open mind. The goal here is to take your mind off of the perceived problem (more…)

Thickening of Hair Made Easy with Tricomin Products – 31. March, 2009

Individuals of various shapes and sizes may suffer from hair related problems. A bright and shiny hair is what an individual wishes to have.
Tricomin helps an individual get over the problem of thinning hair. The active constituent in it is Tri-amino copper nutritional complex. The inclusion of copper in Tricomin products help in melanin production (pigmentation), scavenging of damaging free radicals, energy metabolism, inhibition of 5-alpha reductase (more…)