Helping Women Cope With Hair Loss – April 2nd, 2009

We live in a time however when there are simply too many options for a woman to feel that her life is over simply because of hair loss. There is no reason that this event has to be so completely life changing for her.
Carefully review your options and choose the treatment method that served you best emotionally and physically. I want you to take a deep breath now and keep an open mind. The goal here is to take your mind off of the perceived problem long enough that we can find a solution for you.
Here are 10 steps for helping women in cope with their hair loss.
1) Don’t assume that the hair you are losing is gone forever. It takes up to 3-5 years for the hair follicle to completely die. Recognize also if you’ve been under a great deal of stress. Stress can certainly play a role in hair loss in that it increases the amount of DHT to the follicle. Read more about DHT here. Don’t add more stress by thinking you are going to be forever bald.
2) Remember that hair loss is something that happens over time. It doesn’t just happen overnight like acne. The flip side of this is to also remember that treatments don’t work overnight either. The point here is to have patience. No choices have to be made overnight. Do not to go making rash decisions by investing in multiple hair loss products just because the first one didn’t work out after two weeks. Most results are seen well after 6 months so give it time. Yes some people may see results in as little as 3 months but everybody is different.
3) If you realize that your hair loss is happening on an ongoing basis, check with your health care professional to make sure that you don’t have underlying health issues that should be addressed. Once you know that you are healthy, start checking into treatment options that are best for you. Look for proven hair loss products where there are good solid clinical studies and positive customer feedback.
4) Become an investigator online of the best products that are currently available for hair loss in women. Be weary of miracle cures that promise overnight results. has provided you with a comprehensive website in which you can see all the products that others have used and the cool part is the actual customers have rated them not the site. You may find your answers in what others have already used.
5) If you have completely lost your hair, meaning that the area of the scalp is completely shiny already and beyond the 3 year mark, you might look into hair transplantation. This usually doesn’t happen to women, but it does with men. Usually at even the latest stages of baldness, women still have peach fuzz that they can utilize and convert into terminal thick hairs. The procedures have come a long way since the standard “hair plugs” we’ve all seen. Hair transplantation is virtually unnoticeable these days. All that is needed from you is a rich donor area from sides and back of your scalp.
6) Also if you’re beyond the point of hair re growth, and you can’t afford or don’t want hair transplants, you might consider wigs. The current wig industry is more state of the art now than ever before. Many women, who have a full head of hair still experiment or wear wigs simply to have a quick and easy change of hairstyle. Keeping this in mind can take the self-imposed stigma out of your mind. Make wig shopping fun for yourself and something that isn’t shameful. Maybe even take your best friend, and get the emotional support needed when you make your first trip to the wig store.
7) Define yourself from within. Sometimes circumstances force us to dig deeper into who we really are as a person. Learn to not depend so heavily on the external need for validation based upon your looks. You are much more than just your exterior. Take this opportunity to build a stronger identity for yourself, rather than have one chipped away.
8) Understand that being a woman is much more than having a full head of hair. Your femininity should not be defined be what you have on your head. You do not stop being a female because of hair loss.
9) Stop feeling like a victim. This mentality carries with it an entire list of toxic emotions that are bad for your overall health. Remember you have it in you to deal with this in a way that is healthy and will bring peace of mind. We don’t want you losing anything more than your hair.
10) Seek out women that are going through the same thing that you are. Use the internet to find support groups that you can be part of. Find the strongest member of that support group and model yourself through her advice.
Read over this list several times. Each time something will resonate differently because you will also be in a different frame of mind. I ask you to also go in and take inventory of your life. Find all the reason’s in your life you have to be grateful. Tell yourself on an ongoing basis that this is only hair loss and not your whole life. You have a life, and this life of yours is to be lived and not defined by your hair loss.


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