Hair Regrowth Shampoo for Women: Do They Really Work? – April 19th, 2009

There are a number of ways in which products for hair regrowth are formulated – sprays, tablets, gels and shampoos. Often the latter come as part of a complete package which also includes other products such as conditioners. One such product is Hair Renew which claims that it rids the scalp of deposits which clog hair follicles. Another is Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampoo. It seems that there are lot of satisfied customers. But the usual reason for hair loss is not blocked follicles, or a dirty scalp, but the fact that the follicles have shrunk due to hormonal action, and it is this that must be tackled.
Shampoos can be considered both as cosmetics and as drugs. The definition will depend upon the product’s intended use. If a product is marketed to improve your appearance, it is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, whose task is to enforce consumer protection laws. However, if a manufacturer claims that their product can re-grow hair, it should be considered a drug. While there is no approval process for cosmetics, the FDA has a rigorous drug approval process. Drugs must be rigorously scientifically tested and approved. All this makes manufacturers very careful in their claims. They often use language in an ambiguous way so that the consumer, you in this case, can sometimes be fooled into thinking they are making claims, when they aren’t. ‘Improving the appearance of your hair’ for instance does not necessarily imply that you will grow hair that has been lost.
For many women hair loss comes when they stop taking the birth control pill or a few months after the end of a pregnancy. In both these cases the situation will eventually put itself right as the body regains its natural hormonal balance, and while a shampoo such as hair Renew may make you feel good, actually regrowing hair is a difficult task. For those whose hair loss is hereditary and who suffer loss after the menopause there is less likelihood of real improvement. However one hair regrowth shampoo for women called ‘Hair Renew’ does contain Saw Palmetto, a well known hair restoring herbal product. Saw Palmetto hair treatment is available in a number of forms, so if you choose to use shampoos that contain it, it should perhaps be as part of a bigger package. It has no known side effects, except that in a very few cases people may experience slight stomach upset. It works by inhibiting the action of DHT, the hormone that causes shrinkage and eventual death of hair follicles.
Occasionally hair loss is due to nutritional problems and although there are shampoos out there, such as Nourkin, that will help by providing minerals that your body is short of, it is best to tackle the situation form a nutrition point of view and check your diet.
Some shampoos advertised as being for hair loss are in fact volumisers i.e. they don’t grow more hair, but they do ensure that you have the appearance of more. One such is Pregaine, to be used in conjunction with Regaine for Women. If you have a condition which will either right itself in time or that is treatable, e.g. mild thyroid deficiency, products such as Pregaine may be of help.
So it seems that though there are lots of hair regrowth shampoos for women out there, they are likely, at best, to only work as part of a wider programme of treatment. But it seems they will at least give you healthy, clean and shiny hair.
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