HAIR LOSS – BALDNESS – April 10th, 2009

Baldness has been segregated into a number of types, each with its set of characteristics and reasons thereof. For example the term ‘Alopecia’ is given to the condition where the individual suffers from hair loss and becomes bald.
Second category is that of ‘Alopecia Totalis’, which refers to the loss of hair confined to the region of the individual’s scalp.
Third category is termed as ‘Alopecia Universalis’, which refers to the total loss of hair from all over the body, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Then there is the category of ‘Alopecia Areata’, which refers to the condition where an individual suffers from sudden loss of hair in the form of patches.
The Androgenetica Alopecia is yet another category, which is commonly found men, as compared to their female counterparts. You may listen to health Audio Books for this.
As the name so suggests, it is genetic, and is associated as well as affected by a set of male sex hormones namely the androgens, hence the name androgenetica alopecia.
Other forms of baldness include ‘Involutional Alopecia’ where the individual suffers from gradual loss of hair corresponding with his/her age. ‘Telegen effluvium’ is yet another type of baldness where hair is gradually shed, more often as a result of side affects from the use of certain medications, as well as conditions such as weight loss, anemia, stress, and pregnancy.


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