Give It Time, And Learn To Be Patient – April 2nd, 2009

Across the world, there are men and women who face some sort of ailment in their body; most of them are to do with our hair. There are various reasons why a person faces hair related problems. For all those who have a bad lifestyle or don’t eat on time, or eat healthy food, the reversal is easy and their hair loss or baldness can be curbed and at times even cured. But there are many others who face this problem for no fault of theirs, who are lost for an answer. When a person who has braided their hair tightly, or wears cornrows is faced with hair loss, it is because the hair strands are stretched and they need to be loosened to allow them to breath. They need to wear loose hair bands or leave the hair loose to let it breath and this will automatically stimulate blood cells in the scalp improving hair conditions. They don’t need to use any hair product or treatment to reverse the loss.
However, on the other hand, if a woman or man is suffering from cancer, they are bound to witness sudden onset of hair loss. They would have been perfectly healthy with a good thick mop of hair, but once treatment begins, they will notice hair fall to a point where they could go bald. There is nothing that can be done to reverse this but there are hair products available to help them tide over this situation till their hair begins to grow back. The minute it starts falling in lumps, some patients shave their head completely as this will look better than patches of baldness. And when they are faced with a situation where they have to step out of the house, they resort to wearing wigs. These are available in a wide range of colors, styles and made of real human hair. So, there are no chances of allergies or infections arising thereon.
Wearing wigs will boost their self confidence making them feel as good as they did earlier. They will be able to step out and face the world, but they must realize that this hair product is only a temporary solution till their own hair begins to grow. For others, who are faced with baldness in certain portions of their head, also called as Alopecia, which is where the human being’s immunity system breaks down and the cells attack the hair Nodules. For these patients, there is a hair product available called Provillus, which is said to help curb this condition and promote hair growth. Or they can go in for hair extensions, which will take many sittings but give them good results. Using fake hair or human hair, extensions are made into the scalp and hair is inserted into them making it look like real giving them volume and the desired effect.
Hair growth patterns differ from person to person, and are dependent on their body composition. The way they live their ways is to a large extent an influence on how fast their hair grows. Also if a person is recovering from a illness or disease, they can use any of the revival hair products but must give it time to work and show visible results.
The rate at which hair grows can’t be pre-determined, but till the time you have your desired set of lock, you can use a wig or other products to keep you going.
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