Get the right hair treatment – April 3rd, 2009

Most of the women suffer from postpartum hair loss, which happens after the child birth. The problem of hair loss occurs when the women nears menopausal stage. Some of the common reasons for hair loss due to hormonal changes are anxieties, traumatic experience or acute stress. The hair loss or hypothyroidism is caused due to hormone secretion from thyroid and pituitary glands. The hair treatment would normally include specific medicines to cure the hormonal imbalance.
Genetically hair loss is also caused due to the secretion Di-Hydro Testosterone (or DHT) in excess quantities. Biologically DHT is an active metabolite in the testosterone. DHT is the major culprit for male-pattern baldness which is medically termed as androgenic alopecia and requires baldness treatment. Patients with excess of DHT are given anti-androgenic therapy, a time consuming treatment.
When the problem of hair loss reaches an irreparable and severe stage no other hair treatment can address the issue except hair transplantation, which is an expensive procedure. Due to the recent advancements in medical technology, with the help of newer systems, hair transplantation is performed by stimulation of hair follicles in affected areas. There are gender and ethnic considerations in hair treatment methods, such as hair transplantation, medical hair restoration, alopecia or baldness. After the hair treatment operation, it will be difficult to distinguish the normal area with post operative part.
Though the solutions offered by experts may differ with each other, it is commonly believed that the key to the hair treatment lies in identifying the cause of hair loss problem. Since the cause for hair loss differs with each other, the treatment that works for some other person may not suit you at all. Hence, after identifying the cause of hair loss, you should examine the best treatments available in the market.
There are various kinds of hair treatment including hair transplantation and baldness treatment. If you seek real hair restoration for your balding head, before considering various hair treatment options like hair transplantation or baldness treatment, it is very for you to discover the root cause for your hair loss.
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