Female Hair Replacement: To Be or Not To Be – April 2nd, 2009

Technically speaking, you can be said to have perfect, manageable hair if your hair grows from your scalp. Meaning to say, you are not wearing a hairpiece or a wig. If you have hair loss concerns, then you might want to consider getting hair replacement, rather than going for hair extensions and wigs.
There are many different procedures for hair replacement, and it will be best to consult a surgeon about which is best for you. But to give you an idea, hair replacement basically means that the healthy hair you have at some part of your head will be transferred to the patch that is lacking hair because it refuses to produce hair anymore for any number of reasons. The healthy hair follicle will be grafted into your scalp and overtime it will take over and grow naturally. It is like getting a tree from the other part of the world and planting it here – it is a process, you need to uproot it and then transplant it, and you need to take care of it but you will be rewarded when you see the tree thriving and growing its roots deeper on the new soil. The good thing about hair replacement is that with the latest advancements in the field, you will be sure to grow hair that looks all natural, following the natural contours of your hairline and the density of your hair growth. This process has been more popular with men (as they have more obvious hair problems than women), but nonetheless it is worthy investment for any modern day Eve as well.
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