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4 Reasons to Consider Provillus for Hair Loss – 20. April, 2009

If you are looking for a product to help your thinning or balding hair, you should consider Provillus. Here are four reasons why this product may be right for you:
Provillus comes in two formulas — one for men and one for women. The male version of this product blocks DHT which can lead to hair loss in men. The formula for women works by stimulating new growth and rejuvenating the hair follicle. Even though the men’s and women’s formulas are a (more…)

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Treating Hair Loss – 20. April, 2009

Mostly, hair loss occurs in man but it can occur in woman as well. Losing hair in woman is a very difficult situation, since woman always want to look attractive and beautiful.
Hair loss is a problem, especially to woman. Woman who losses her hair can cause psychological problem. It can make her change her feelings about herself and with her partner as well.
But you see, having hair loss problem doesn’t mean that you will jump off the building. (more…)

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Natural Hair Regrowth Formula Using Highly Effective Herbs – 19. April, 2009

Millions of people around the globe suffer from alopecia, hair loss, or baldness. According to medical professionals, alopecia is caused by several factors including genetics, hormonal changes, stress, infections, pregnancy, etc. A lot of manufacturers worldwide are now concentrating in developing new and effective hair regrowth formula.
Even though more and more people enjoy the benefits of advanced technology, most of them still haven’t forgotten (more…)

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Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss – 10. April, 2009

Yes, herbal remedies for hair loss make not work as a miraculous solution for all the victims but herbal remedies can really give hope to people with such problem, herbal remedies can still be a good solution to hair loss problem.
There are a lot of herbal remedies that can help you will your hair loss problem. This article will mention few of these herbal remedies, in order for you to determine if they’re worth trying.
The first herbal remedy (more…)

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Provillus: Reviving the Lost Hair Glory – 10. April, 2009

On an average, 50-100 strands of hair are lost every day, which is a part of the natural hair growth process. But hair fall becomes a matter of concern when you tend to lose more hair than this. Hair loss amongst men and women has become a common scenario in the fast-paced life of the contemporary world.
Loss of hair amongst men is referred to as male pattern baldness, and it is caused due to the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (more…)

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Hair Loss Prevention – 3. April, 2009

Hair loss prevention has turned into big business in the United States. There are countless products that claim they can help you stave off baldness and restore your hair to its former glory. Unfortunately, most of these products do nothing to attack the real cause of typical male pattern baldness: DHT. DHT will essentially shorten the lifespan of your hair on the crown and front of your scalp. If DHT production isn’t blocked, hair loss prevention (more…)

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Give It Time, And Learn To Be Patient – 2. April, 2009

Across the world, there are men and women who face some sort of ailment in their body; most of them are to do with our hair. There are various reasons why a person faces hair related problems. For all those who have a bad lifestyle or don’t eat on time, or eat healthy food, the reversal is easy and their hair loss or baldness can be curbed and at times even cured. But there are many others who face this problem for no fault of theirs, who are lost (more…)

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Factors that Contribute to Mens Hair Loss – 2. April, 2009

Who ever said men are not conscious of their physical appearance? Well, years ago this would have been true but in today’s modern society, it is very important to maintain good looks and physical appearance. Men’s hair loss is one problem taken seriously by modern men.
Hair loss in men is easily noticed because the hair found on the crown or top of the head, as well as the temples, thin out until such time that a pattern similar to a horse shoe (more…)

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Provillus: The Hair Loss Solution – 1. April, 2009

If you are experiencing hair loss and do not like the way it looks or the way it makes you feel, try top ranked Provillus today for your hair loss solution!
Provillus is unlike many of the hair loss products available today because it is entirely natural and free from chemicals that can harm your hair and scalp, as well as carry physical side effects including sexual dysfunction. In addition, many of these chemically-based products yield results (more…)

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Thickening of Hair Made Easy with Tricomin Products – 31. March, 2009

Individuals of various shapes and sizes may suffer from hair related problems. A bright and shiny hair is what an individual wishes to have.
Tricomin helps an individual get over the problem of thinning hair. The active constituent in it is Tri-amino copper nutritional complex. The inclusion of copper in Tricomin products help in melanin production (pigmentation), scavenging of damaging free radicals, energy metabolism, inhibition of 5-alpha reductase (more…)

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